My name is Didi, lead designer at Didi's Cookies.

I could regale you with heart warming anecdotes of my childhood in my mum’s kitchen, the inviting aromas that swirled the house whilst she baked, the anticipatory excitement of biting into a piece of something special.  By now you have most likely guessed – my mum was a baker, one of great repute. My mum is my hero, so it is no surprise that like her, baking has become my passion.  Anyway you didn’t come here to read my bio, so here is the short version of my story ...

I am passionate about designing and decorating hand crafted cookies. My cookies are handmade from scratch using the best ingredients available. They look elegant and taste amazing, as my clients often say.

If you are looking for personalised cookies for your special occasion, you are in the right place! Take a look at one of the galleries to see my intricate and pretty designs!

 I have created cookies for various occasions, from personalised wedding favours, to corporate events and birthday parties.  I can inspire you with stunning designs or work together with you to bring your ideas to life. My goal is to take your theme or brief, and turn it into edible art.